Lymphopress system program - draining treatment
With sectorial pressure massage

It has effect on the venous and lymphatic circulation

Arms, abdomen, hips, legs, feet can be treated

The treatment

It reshapes, drains excess fluids, fights cellulite. It reduces swelling and water retention.

It increases the internal vascularization, reshapes and improves the imperfection of cellulite.

The treatment is provided by wearing a special suit and lying on the bed.
Inside the suit there are special bags that are inflated sequentially on the various parts of the legs, abdomen and arms in order to improve the lymphatic and venous circulation of the customer.
By simulating a manual lymphatic massage, you can also have benefits by expelling toxins and a general feeling of lightness and well-being.

Also excellent for fighting edema of the lower limbs and good treatment for treating cellulite due to alterations in the lymphatic and venous circulation.

Recommended treatment to support radiofrequency (for treatments on areas affected by pressure therapy) and essential in case of cavitation for the transmission and elimination of fat dissolved through the body.

The results

Results are immediate, starting with a feeling of general well-being and lightness at first.

In the following days the body disposes of most of the toxins accumulated in the body resulting from the stagnation of liquids.
This is because of the reactivation of the lymphatic system, also giving general health benefits.

With a complete cycle of sessions, the body eliminates most of the toxins and stagnant liquids are expelled.
There is a greater stimulus to drink, which further promotes detoxification of the tissues and diuresis and the treatment promotes weight loss.
The body is also more slender and reshaped

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