808 nm diode laser for hair removal

epilea supporto aziendale

Our lasers are produced exclusively for us by a famous and historic Italian company, that if you want you can visit.

They are 808nm defocused laser diode, for aesthetic use, derived from laser for medical use.

Technology and materials employed, are the same as the medical one. We made all changes necessary to comply with the Swiss legislation and enable use in a perfectly legal way to operators in the field of beauty. These lasers can only do photoepilation.

They are made with cutting edge technology.


  • 500W Laser power output
  • wavelength: 810 nm
  • Fluency from 5 to 40 J/cm2
  • Frequency spot from 0.5 to 10 Hz, ultra lightweight handpiece
  • 10 laser diodes 50W
  • cooling system for the handpiece head (skin contact), with a system with independent regulation.
  • Separate system for cooling the diodes.
  • Easy and intuitive touch screen monitor
  • tanning meter level sensor
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