Cosmetic ear surgery

Treatment duration: 40 minutes
Result: Immediate
Treatment duration: Permanent
Stay in hospital: No stay in hospital
Dressings:  Surgical plaster and bandages
Resumption of normal activities: A few days, a few weeks for intense activities
Technique: Aesthetic surgery
Anesthesia: Yes, local and deep sedation
Scars: Yes, irrelevant and camouflaged in the retroauricular sulcus


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Cosa è

Otoplasty surgery is used to correct imperfections of the ears, a condition that often causes embarrassment and insecurity in the patient both in adulthood and in adolescence and childhood.

The most commonly treated imperfections are the bows ears or more commonly called floppy ears, but it is also possible to intervene on other imperfections.

With otoplasty or auricoplasty, various imperfections can be easily corrected, even from the age of 5 years, as the pinnae reach their final size and shape in childhood.


The preliminary phase consists of a consultation to assess the general condition of the patient and a thorough examination of the imperfection to be treated. All indications are provided to prepare properly for the intervention.

The intervention is usually performed in day surgery, arrived at the clinic, after a check-up, we proceed with local anesthesia and sedation by intravenous means.

A vertical incision is made along the retroauricular sulcus, to reach the cartilage tissue to be shaped according to the requests and expectations of the patient. The excessive part is removed or, with internal resorbable stitches, the auricle is redesigned and fixed to maintain the new design.

At the end of the procedure, sutures are placed, a surgical plaster is applied and an elastic protective bandage is put on.


With otoplasty, the auricle is reshaped without leaving visible scars; the correction is performed by reshaping the cartilage of the auricles. The procedure serves to bring prominent ears closer to the skull, reconstruct missing folds, reduce size and give better symmetry to the ears.

The deformity of the ears is usually genetic and does not lead to hearing problems, with an intervention is possible and recommended to fix the imperfection.

The surgery is performed to modify the outer ear, which includes the pinna and external auditory canal, composed mainly of cartilaginous tissue, foldable and supple, to bring it to a correct angle of 20/30 degrees.

Treatable areas

Otoplasty is the ear surgery par excellence.

It can treat imperfections such as:

  • Protruding or looped ears (commonly called floppy ears)
  • Asymmetry of the width of the pinnae
  • Asymmetry of the cartilage folds
  • Overly large or disproportionate ears


The results are immediate and permanent. The scars are well hidden behind the auricle. After 3 or 4 days the elastic bandage is removed, and within a few weeks you can return to intense physical activity.


An advantage is the complete absence of visible scars in such an exposed and important area of the face.

It is an intervention that can be done at a very young age, being able to spare the child or teenager from very delicate situations, as they are often laughed at and risk serious psychological consequences.

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