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Non-surgical lifting with resorbable threads

Lifting: painless, quick and effective

Treatment duration: variable depending on the number of threads
Result: after 2 or 3 weeks
Duration of treatment effect: 18 months
Inpatient stay: no inpatient stay
Dressings: Patches
Resumption of normal activities: the following day
Technique: traction wires under the skin
Anesthesia: light local anesthesia
Scars: NO

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What is it

FTC (Fine Thread Contour) is an aesthetic medicine procedure that allows to treat parts of the face and body by inserting resorbable threads. The treatment is quick, painless, takes place without incisions and in Day Surgery, i.e. without the need for hospitalization. The FTC gives to the treated area a lifting effect, giving elasticity and shine, through the stimulation of collagen production. The lifting brings improvements to the treated area, improving aesthetics without altering the physionomy.


A light local anesthesia is performed, and resorbable poly-lactic acid and polydioxanone (PDO) threads are placed under the skin and placed in traction.

Slight discomfort may be experienced after the treatment and some minor edema may occur.

How it works

Over time, the threads are reabsorbed and allow the body to regenerate collagen and significantly improve appearance.

Polydioxanone threads have regenerative and biostimulating benefits for the skin.

Treatable areas

The areas with most benefit from this treatment are the face, neck, décolleté, breasts, inner arms, inner thighs, inner and outer knees.


Results with resorbable traction wires generally occur 2 to 3 weeks after treatment, and results persist for approximately 18 months.


With a minimal intervention, without incisions in Day Surgery (no need for hospitalization) and painless you have significant and lasting benefits.

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