HiFu - lifting non chirurgico

Focused Ultrasound - HiFu

Non-surgical lifting

Treatment duration: about 60 minutes
Result: very short time
Duration of treatment effect: 12 months
Inpatient stay: no impatient stay
Dressings: NO, as it is not a surgical intervention
Resumption of normal activities: immediate
Technique: Ultrasound technology
Anesthesia: NO, not necessary
Scars: NO

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What is it

The non-surgical facelift is a treatment with high quality ultrasound technology that is able to perform a restiling at skin level.
With this type of treatment in a very short time you have a clear rejuvenation of the skin in many areas of the body.


During the session, a gel is applied to improve and optimize the absorption of ultrasound.
Specific handpieces are used to treat different parts of the body.

With the doctor is planned the frequency of treatments, after the initial phase is usually made a booster session once a year.

How it works

This medical equipment reaches the ideal temperature of 70°C and above, stimulating the production of collagen, the main responsible for skin aging.

The fibroblasts, producers of collagen, are activated and guarantee a prolonged stretching of the skin.

Negotiable zones

The areas that can be treated are usually those with increased skin laxity due to skin aging.

The non-surgical facelift can be performed on the face, neck, décolleté, breasts, abdomen, arms, hands, inner thighs.


The skin feels much firmer and more elastic, with a noticeable anti-aging improvement.


Unlike other technologies this treatment has a longer duration, and an important effect of prevention

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