Harmony of the face

Treatment duration: From 1 to 3 hours
Result: Immediate
Duration of treatment effect: permanent
Inpatient stay: no inpatient stay
Dressing: suture, medical plaster
Resumption of normal activities: a few days
Technique: aesthetic surgery
Anesthesia: yes, local and deep sedation
Scars: yes, submentorial groove or gingival fornix (lower lip)


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What is it

Mentoplasty is the aesthetic medicine intervention par excellence to modify the conformation of the chin, either to increase or reduce the protrusion.

Improving the profile of the face, harmonizing the chin with the correct size and symmetry, this intervention can be done after reaching the age of majority, when the bone growth of the patient is finished, in order to perform the operation in a decisive way.

In additive mentoplasty, a silicone elastomer prosthesis is inserted, making the modification reversible, while in reductive mentoplasty, tissue is eliminated or the chin is smoothed by intervening on the adipose tissue or, if necessary, directly on the bone.


After an accurate analysis of the patient's chin, physiognomy and expectations, all indications are given to prepare correctly for the operation. In addition to the aesthetic aspect, the clinical condition of the patient is also checked, and blood tests and electrocardiograms are requested as is the practice for any surgical procedure.

On the day of surgery is re-evaluated the state of the patient, and then proceed with local anesthesia and sedation, more or less deep, depending on the state of agitation of the patient.

The access to the structure to be treated is done through 2 possible channels:
The submentorial sulcus, or through the gingival fornix (lower lip) with an incision of 3 or 4 centimeters.

For additive mentoplasty:
A biocompatible moldable prosthesis is prepared and contoured to the facial features. The effect is immediate. For this type of surgery if the patient is not convinced you can initially opt for an infiltration of hyaluronic acid to see temporary results, as the natural substance is gradually reabsorbed by the body.

For reductive mentoplasty:
Excess fat is removed, possibly some mandibular bone is also removed with very high precision rotary burs, and made symmetrical. The repositioning of one of the chewing muscles is also possible. The natural dimple can also be recreated.

After the operation, the incisions are stitched and medicated. The patient is returned to a waking condition. Appropriate dressings are made and the patient is instructed on the postoperative course.


Mentoplasty is the alternative to maxillofacial surgery on the mandibular bone, it is much less invasive and less complex.

In both cases, additive or subtractive, gives back to the face the right importance, as it is an important part to harmonize the entire face.

In addition to having aesthetic value, it is also possible to have benefits in terms of chewing, because if the conformation of the chin is not correct, it can lead to problems of dental occlusion, tightening of the mandible and jaw.

Treatable areas

Thanks to mentoplasty, it is possible to treat:

  • Protruding chin
  • Not pronounced chin
  • Asymmetry
  • Pointed chin


The results are immediate and much appreciated. The remodeling of the chin, harmonizes the oval of the face, acting as a base to the rest of the elements, rebalances the lower part with the upper part of the face, nose and forehead.

Other interventions can also be done concurrently to maximize the result.

It is also very beneficial to the self-esteem, as it may happen that the imperfection of the chin gives great problems in relating to others.


The facial profile has a significant improvement, overall there is much harmony and increase in self-esteem with this intervention.

In case of a poor chin, there is the possibility, albeit temporary, to redesign the facial profile with hyaluronic acid filler or lipofiller (autologous adipose tissue, that is the patient's own).

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