Medical Ultrasound Cavitation

Fights cellulite, fat and reshapes the body

Treatment duration: 30 to 40 minutes
Result: evident after 3-4 treatments
Duration of treatment effect: Persistent provided that any errors in diet are corrected and physical activity is slightly increased.
Inpatient stay: no inpatient stay
Dressings: NO, as it is not a surgical intervention
Resumption of normal activities: immediate. In the two following days it is recommended to drink plenty of water and maintain a balanced diet.
Technique: cavitational
Anesthesia: NO
Scars: NO

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What is it?

Cavitation is a non-surgical treatment with low frequency ultrasound (UBF), aimed at reducing excess fat.

The treatment takes place through a patented machine, equipped with a special handpiece, through which low frequency ultrasounds are conveyed into the subcutaneous fat mass.


The medical cavitation session includes a medical examination aimed at identifying the area to be treated and the compatibility of the treatment with the patient. Blood tests will also be required to check cholesterol levels and liver and kidney function.

The session lasts on average 40 minutes, a gel like the one used for electrocardiograms is sprinkled on the area to be treated to allow a better conductivity of the ultrasounds.

The passage of the handpiece on the skin surface of the treated area will be felt by the patient as a massage, the sensation felt will be a tingling sensation that in some cases can become slightly annoying in terms of heat if it persists for too long only on one area.

Each treatment lasts about 30-40 minutes and it is important, once the session is over, to drink a lot of water and use a compression sleeve.

How it works

The low frequency ultrasounds act by determining a reduction and redistribution of subcutaneous fat favoring the venous and lymphatic circulation. Medical cavitation acts through 3 actions:

MICRO-MECHANICAL: Breakage, displacement and leveling of the molecular structure.

THERMAL: Induced by the rubbing of the accelerated molecules.

CAVITATIONAL: Implosion and explosion of gases with consequent release of fats.

Negotiable zones

Abdomen, hips, buttocks, legs.


Progressive reduction of localized adiposity.

Reduction of adipocyte thickness.

Reshaping of the body in the treated areas.

Volume reduction, better quality of the treated tissue, greater oxygenation of the part.


Treatment of long persistent localized adiposity.

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