Your breasts bigger

Duration of the procedure: 2 to 4 hours
Result: Immediate
Persistence of surgery: Long persistence
Inpatient stay: 1 day inpatient stay may be expected, 1 week of rest necessary
Dressings:  Specific bra is expected for approximately 1 month
Resumption of normal activities: Gradual
Technique: Aesthetic Surgery
Anesthesia: General
Scars: Yes

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What is it

Mastopexy (Breast Lift / Lifting) is the surgery indicated for cases in which there is a fall or emptying of the breast, the common causes that cause this blemish are:

  • Breastfeeding
  • Abrupt weight loss
  • Aging

Droopy breasts or breast ptosis generally occurs after a major weight loss, or after pregnancy.

Mastopexy or ptosis correction plastic surgery aims to reshape the gland, lift the shape of the breast and raise the nipple.

Ptosis can be isolated or associated with breast hypertrophy or hypoplasia, both of which can be corrected during the surgical act.

The drooping breast is lifted upward, removing flabby skin and shaping the gland. In mastopexy, the breasts are often reduced by several hundred grams and the nipples lifted, with lightening of the shoulders as well. The lower the breasts are, the more skin is removed.

The lower the breasts are, the more skin has to be removed and the more extensive the scars will be; in severe cases they are around the areolas, vertical from the areola to the submammary groove and horizontal in the groove.

Mastopexy for breast ptosis correction can be performed from 17 years old in the most evident cases.

Mastopexy does not inhibit breastfeeding.

The surface of the prosthesis is made of silicone rubber overlapped in several layers. Most of the prostheses implanted in Europe are filled with silicone gel. In the event of a rupture, this material ensures that the silicone remains confined to the site where it leaked for a long time.


There are various methods to lift the breast, it is possible today to adopt different techniques trying to minimize the size of the scars. According to the surgical technique used, the scar can be of Periareolar type (Round Block) or Periareolar + Vertical or Periareolar + Vertical + Horizontal (Inverted T technique). In some cases the positioning of prostheses can be foreseen (Mastopexy with Prosthesis).

The physician carefully assesses the starting situation


Your plastic surgeon may perform the round-block technique, which involves a small incision around the areola of the breast.

The evolution of plastic surgery techniques makes it possible to combine mastopexy with liposuction or abdominoplasty, a choice that, in the case of the need for more than one operation for various problems, considerably reduces the operative stress and therefore favours an easier postoperative phase.

It is recommended to wear a modeling bra (shapewear) specific for plastic surgery, night and day for a month.
The sutures are removed at the time of dressing after about a fortnight, when edema and signs of surgery should have already disappeared.

Temporary nipple numbness can sometimes occur for a few months before disappearing.
In case of:

  • sagging breast
  • soft and relaxed breasts with excess skin
  • emptying accompanied by breast relaxation due to sudden weight loss, pregnancy, breastfeeding, photo-exposure, pubertal overdevelopment or aging
  • in case of downward pointing nipples and/or abundantly covered submammary fold.

The breast lift can be combined with an enlargement procedure with implants, or with corrective interventions for asymmetries between the two breasts.

Duration: The intervention has a limited duration and is normally performed in Day Surgery; in case of correction of asymmetries or insertion of implants, the duration can reach 2/3 hours.

Considering the time of anesthesia and a quiet post-operative check, we suggest a stay in the clinic of at least 3-4 hours.
Normally there is no hospitalization and only if the intervention is performed in the late afternoon, it may be necessary to stay in the clinic.

Treatable areas



Greater security at the psychological level of the woman.

A breast with more harmonious volume and shape for her body.


Reduced post-operative recovery time

Safe operation thanks to high safety standards in a highly specialized facility with highly qualified staff.

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