Reshape your body and get rid of excess fat

Duration of treatment: Depends on the type and complexity of intervention and the areas to be treated
Result: After about 4-8 weeks
Duration of treatment effect: Long period
Stay: Day hospital, or stay in hospital in case of total anesthesia
Dressings: Bandage, any targeted analgesic therapy
Resumption of normal activities: Gradual 4/5 days
Technique: Tissue tumescence
Anesthesia: Yes, local and deep sedation
Scars: Yes, hidden and not very visible

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What is it

Liposuction is a surgical procedure to reshape the body or areas of the body that have lost their silhouette due to accumulations of fat.

This intervention is not a kind of diet and does not serve to lose weight, but is to be considered a purely aesthetic technique, despite the removal of even several kg of fat mass. Normally liposuction is performed after dieting, exercising and losing the extra pounds, liposuction serves to eliminate the accumulation of localized resistant fat.


During the consultation, the complete medical record is taken and the patient is informed of the preliminary phase before arriving at the surgery. Good health conditions, not being excessively overweight, and having skin with a fair amount of elasticity, make the candidate suitable for treatment.

In liposuction, with the technique of tumescence, during the intervention we try to limit blood loss, with the use of a solution based on lidocaine, a procedure that also avoids any edema.

It is performed under sedation and local anesthesia, on request it is also possible to do a general anesthesia, in this second case the stay of one night in the facility is appropriate.

With injections and spraying of tissues to be treated with epinephrine and lidocaine, swellings and swellings are caused that allow the surgeon to highlight the areas to be treated, the substances act as a vasoconstrictor of the capillaries, in this way the anesthetic has the advantage of being absorbed very slowly and maintain an analgesic effect up to 10 hours after surgery.

With very fast and targeted movements, the cannula is run in different directions to remove as much excess fat as possible.

At the end of the intervention, and at the achievement of the prefixed results, the mini incisions are sutured and a compressive bandage is applied, which should be maintained for about 1 week, alternatively, depending on the area, containment stockings, belly bands or similar can be used.


Through small incisions a cannula is inserted to remove the fat in the areas previously marked, the diameter and shape that are used is designed specifically to have the least invasive effects possible, ranging from 1 to 3 mm depending on the area to be treated.

In the first days the patient may experience swelling, soreness, situations however in the normal, if the discomfort is excessive along with antibiotic therapy can be administered painkillers.

The resumption of daily activities is usually quite rapid, in a week you can eliminate the stitches, and after 15 days resume sports activities.

It is very important to start walking again, as it accelerates the healing process by stimulating circulation, vascularization and oxygenation.

Treatable areas

With liposuction, more specifically the tumescence technique, you can treat:

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Arms
  • Abdomen
  • Hips
  • Glutei
  • Thighs
  • Legs
  • Knees


The results are usually very satisfactory, however the patient must be aware that so much depends on the starting situation.

The swelling due to the intervention disappears within maximum 5 weeks, allowing to move more freely.


This surgery gives good results, without obvious scars, which are difficult to detect once healed.

The fat removed does not usually return, provided that there is no considerable weight gain.

Technique with very satisfactory and lasting results, if not permanent.

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