Lipofilling (lips, breast, buttocks)

Treatment duration: Depends on the type and complexity of intervention
Result: 3-5 days (after reabsorption swellings and hematomas)
Treatment duration: Long period
Inpatient stay: Day hospital
Dressings: Made on the area of the collection of fat
Resumption of normal activities: Gradual, 3-4 days
Technique: Liposuction and subsequent filler
Anesthesia: Yes, local and deep sedation for liposuction
Scars: Any for liposuction

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What is it

Lipofilling is a technique that involves the remodeling and increase in volume and an anti aging effect of the affected areas, with a filler based on autologous adipose tissue (i.e. previously taken from the patient himself). Since donor and patient are the same person, the filler is hypoallergenic and perfectly tolerated by the body.


In the consultation phase the patient's medical record is taken, the requests are listened to and the feasibility of the intervention is evaluated.
In the first phase a sufficient amount of fat is taken, which must be as compact as possible (usually thighs or around the knees), is processed and purified.
Subsequently, with the technique of infiltration, the fat is implanted in the area to be treated to give volume, turgor, lift and reshape, with a rejuvenating effect.


The implanted fat is partly reabsorbed and partly remains permanently in the area.

Negotiable zones

Areas targeted for lipofiller treatment are:

  • Face
  • Cheekbones
  • Wrinkles
  • Lips
  • Buttocks
  • Breast


The treated areas have a very natural appearance and texture to the touch.
The duration depends on how many adipocytes take root successfully, as a part is reabsorbed in the following weeks, much depends on the biological aspects of the patient.
To have stable results it is possible to repeat the procedure periodically. It will then be the surgeon together with the patient to make this evaluation.


Volume increase for the affected areas, with filling and lifting effect.
Anti-aging effect on the face and plumping of the lips and cheekbones.
Possibility of combining a more extensive liposuction treatment.

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