Permanent, progressive and definitive laser hair removal

The 808nm diode laser by Epilea, thanks to its high and deep action, provides efficient treatmens in complete safety, minimizing the times and the number of hair removal sessions

This technology allows fast treatments with any worry, also for dark or tanned skins

Our technology: 808nm diode laser

The action of laser, thanks to the technologies we developed and tested, provides an efficient, fast and comfortable hair removal, on every part of male and female body, and for every kind of skin, even if tanned, and every hair color, except for white and pale red hai

This is possible because about 90% of the laser wavelength is captured by the pigment of the hair and conveyed accurately and safely into the bulb.
Very little energy, is absorbed by the skin.

The exact term to define the result of laser photoepilation with our method is persistent and permanent.

Fast and comfortable treatmens - Definitive epilation costs

The effectiveness of our method is represented by the use of a high technology laser of medical derivation, combined with the use of protocols of use, resulting from many years of experience gained with the collaboration of doctors and beautician skilled in photoepilation .

This allows us to guarantee fast, comfortable and pain-free treatments.
Our protocols provide photoepilation with traditional CS and SP modes, but also in the new and innovative FM mode (fast mode), which offers an exceptional level of comfort and the total absence of any type of pain.

  • PAIN-FREE and EFFECTIVE treatment

  • Fast sessions

  • Safe treatment without collateral effects

  • Results visible in the short times

  • Treament available for all kind of phototypes and in every season of the year

  • Affordable price, no subscription

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