Acido ialuronico - Correzione e rimodellamento del viso

Hyaluronic Acid

Facial correction and remodeling

Treatment duration: 10-20 min
Result: Immediate
Treatment effect duration: up to 1 year
Degression: 1 or 2 hours
Dressings: NO, as it is not a surgical intervention
Resumption of normal activities: immediate
Technique: infiltration
Anesthesia: NO, except anesthetic cream if requested by the patient
Scars: NO

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What is it

Hyaluronic acid is a filler. In the field of aesthetic medicine, it is one of the most popular treatments used to correct wrinkles and reshape the face. It is a naturally produced substance and being part of the skin's composition it can be used to correct and improve multiple imperfections with great success. With the passage of time or for particular pathologies, the skin loses this important substance causing unpleasant imperfections to the face. With this treatment you can go to reshape and correct the problems derived from age. It significantly helps to keep the skin young, healthy and hydrated. Scientific studies show its effectiveness against: skin spots, facial wrinkles (lips, eyes, forehead), thin lips, deflated cheekbones and classic "crow's feet".


There are different types of fillers based on hyaluronic acid, the aesthetic doctor selects the best solution depending on the imperfection to be treated and the area.
The treatment is performed for example to eliminate wrinkles, since they are furrows in the skin, it is necessary to inject adequate amounts, at the right depth and position to get a good result. Each treatment involves a study of the imperfection to be treated and improved. Only after discussing with the patient the achievable results will proceed with other sessions.


How it works

Hyaluronic acid absorbs almost 1000 times its weight in water, this promotes great hydration. By latching on perfectly to the water molecules, it integrates them into the skin and gives that sought-after rejuvenating appearance. The infiltrations of the filler stimulate the natural production of collagen, ensuring a real and tested effectiveness of the treatment, thanks to the close link between the production of collagen, elastin and water. It is a safe and dermatologically tested treatment even on sensitive skin. Slight redness may occur after treatment, but tends to disappear in a short time. In order to maintain the results it is necessary to repeat the procedure, the duration varies depending on the absorption of the substance by the patient and especially in relation to the treated area.

Treatable areas

Different areas of the face can be treated with hyaluronic acid infiltrations:

  • Gabellar wrinkles: small lines that run down the middle of the eyebrows;
  • Lines, of varying thickness, that run across the forehead;
  • Perioral lines: small vertical lines located above the mouth;
  • Periorbital lines: also known as "crow's feet" located at the corner of the eyes;
  • Scars caused by acne;
  • Smile lines around the mouth;
  • Oral clefts: small lines at the corners of the mouth;
  • Lip lines, which need to be redefined or filled in because they are too thin;
  • Nose/labial furrows: deep lines that run from the nose to the corners of the mouth.


Tutte le rughe del viso hanno un grande beneficio grazie ai trattamenti con acido ialuronico, anche quelle dovute ad un’esposizione prolungata al sole nel corso degli anni,  è sufficiente una seduta di acido ialuronico per riempire pe zone svuotate e tornare ad avere un aspetto giovane e la pelle ritornerà omogenea.

Ottimi benefici si hanno per ingrandire gli zigomi oppure anche per il riempimento delle labbra con risultati immediati. Trova grande giovamento l’inestetismo delle “zampe di gallina”, ovvero le linee periorbitali, trattate in modo istantaneo riempiendo la pelle svuotata dai solchi. Anche le cicatrici dovute all’acne giovanile o quelle ormonali nell’età adulta, si trattano agevolmente con l’acido ialuronico. Colmando gli spazi cicatriziali grazie ad infiltrazioni mirate nelle zone specifiche.


The benefits of hyaluronic acid treatments are many and irrefutable.
This treatment is indicated for those who want to instantly improve their face

  • filling a face emptied by time;
  • give a beautiful tone to excessively thin or full lips;
  • Improve the overall condition of all facial wrinkles, including the typical crow's feet around the eyes;
  • Cost-effectiveness of the procedure compared to permanent facelift-type surgical treatments;
  • Instant resumption of daily activities without disability of any kind, even temporary;
  • no surgical or anesthesiological preparation so common allergic reactions from anesthesia are excluded;
  • infiltration ideal for those who are afraid of undergoing invasive procedures: hyaluronic acid is a "delicate" procedure.
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