Reshapes your buttocks

Duration of the intervention: 1 - 3 hours
Result: Immediate
Persistence: Long lasting
Inpatient stay: 2 days
Dressings: Specific sheath for buttocks, 2 dressings in the first month.
Resumption of normal activities: After 2 days, you can sit down, normal activities can be resumed after 2-3 weeks.
Technique: Aesthetic Surgery
Anesthesia: Local with deep sedation, or epidural, in rare cases general anesthesia
Scars: Yes

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What is it

Gluteoplasty is a plastic surgery procedure that aims to increase the volume of the buttocks. If you are overweight and you intend to go on a weight loss diet, it is advisable to undergo the gluteoplasty surgery only after having completed the diet, and after having lost weight.

The intervention is recommended in the following cases

  • Volume of the buttocks too small and disproportionate to the rest of the body
  • Presence of poorly toned tissues due to weight loss and / or aging
  • Severe asymmetry of the two buttocks caused by multiple factors
  • Hypotrophy of the gluteal muscles



Since gluteoplasty is a complex procedure, it is recommended to rely on specialized plastic surgeons for a concrete evaluation of the procedure and the desired result. The intervention must be carried out in adequate health facilities with a team of specialized and experienced doctors, including the anesthesiologist.

For 2-3 weeks following the intervention, it is advisable to respect certain rules in order to mantain the results obtained.

In some cases, after evaluation by the surgeon and following a specialist visit, where there is a buttock that is not very relaxed, it is possible to improve the tone and profile of the buttocks through a buttock lift with specific traction wires.

The most popular buttock enlargement and firming surgeries are:

  • Gluteoplasty with Lipofilling (infiltration of fat, using autologous fat taken from other areas of the body, such as the thighs or abdomen)
  • Gluteoplasty with prosthesis.

Gluteoplasty with lipofilling: is indicated in patients with a good availability of fat to be suctioned from other areas of the body. The main advantage of this metology is to use the natural tissue of the same patient, while the disadvantage is the probability that an unpredictable part of this fat is reabsorbed.

Gluteoplasty with cohesive silicone gel implants: is indicated in patients who do not have large amounts of fat in other areas of the body.

The 2 techniques used for gluteoplasty with implants are:

  • De La Peña technique: prostheses are inserted under the muscle area
  • The Gonzales technique: prostheses are inserted inside the gluteal muscle

The duration of the prosthesis is ten years, after this period it will be necessary to evaluate a replacement surgery.
After a careful examination, the surgeon will show the patient the most suitable technique to obtain the best result and will explain the procedure.
For 2-3 weeks after surgery, it is advisable to respect some rules in order to avoid compromising the results obtained.


Before local anesthesia with deep sedation, or epidural, the surgeon draws on the affected area of the patient, the lines on which will be drawn the incisions during surgery. The surgeon proceeds to perform the gluteoplasty operation with the best technique, previously approved by the patient.

In case of lipofilling: Excess fat is aspirated through liposuction, which is implanted by performing the micrografting technique in the affected parts to fill the buttocks.

If it is gluteoplasty with prosthesis insertion: through a small vertical incision hidden between the two buttocks, the two silicone cohesive gel prostheses are inserted in the upper part of the intergluteal groove, they are designed to support the weight even when sitting.

At the end of the intervention is applied a compressive dressing.

Immediately after the intervention, bruising and slight swelling are possible, as well as pain in the area of intervention that can be kept under control with pain medications prescribed by the surgeon.

The intervention is in day hospital.

Negotiable zones



Greater confidence and femininity of the woman

Greater enhancement of the buttocks, and a youthful, toned physique to bring out the curves.

Long lasting results.


Prediction of the result, customization of the size, long lasting results.

Natural look thanks to the innovative latest generation prosthesis, soft texture to the touch.

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