Lifting del viso

Face Lifting

Regain your tone with Face Lifting

Treatment duration: Depends on the type and complexity of intervention
Result: Immediate
Treatment duration: Long period
Inpatient stay: Day hospital
Dressings: Bandage, any targeted analgesic therapy
Resumption of normal activities: Gradual, 7-10 days for stitches
Technique: Aesthetic surgeon
Anesthesia: Yes, local and deep sedation
Scars: Yes, hidden and not very visible

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What is it

Skin furrows are a symptom of deep damage to the skin, due to less collagen and elastin production. As the skin loses density and elasticity, the face tends to sag, thus forming folds and depressions, a process even more evident on dry and thin skin.

The surgical face lift is the most effective aesthetic technique, it guarantees the best results for an anti-aging effect. It is usually performed between the ages of 35 and 50, the period in which there is the maximum acceleration of the structural sagging of the face. This procedure allows you to look younger immediately.

It requires a thorough preliminary examination, followed by a blood test and an electrocardiogram, before the intervention is due to comply with the instructions of the doctor. The intervention takes place with deep local anesthesia, in some cases total.


Rhytidectomy or cervical-facial lift is the surgical procedure that generally involves the middle part of the face, lower part of the face and the neck.

With this surgery, wrinkles and signs of sagging skin and subcutaneous fat are eliminated, giving a more youthful appearance and correcting facial blemishes.

With this type of operation it is possible to intervene simultaneously on the skin and deep muscle bands, without interfering or modifying the oval features, physiognomy and facial expression.

By stretching the skin towards the sides of the face, this procedure acts both against the effect of gravity and time on the skin and on the deep muscular structures, bringing them upwards, all through reduced incisions, which also facilitates an excellent post-surgery recovery time.

The complete musculocutaneous face and neck lift and the temporal minilifting, are 2 approaches to this type of intervention, both with their own peculiarities and related procedure, specifically:

Complete musculocutaneous face and neck lift
Performed with the most effective muscle-cutaneous technique, gives a total and natural rejuvenation effect. It provides for the detachment and repositioning of facial structures upwards (muscles and skin), with the possibility of intervention for lack of fat matter through Lipofilling, to have a perfect and amazing aesthetic result.

Minilifting or soft lifting is recommended in cases where in addition to the appearance of wrinkles there is also a partial and localized sagging, this variant is less invasive.

This intervention of focused light lifting, raises and restores tension to the tissues and muscles, it intervenes selectively on areas with sagging, to rebalance volume and firmness.

The most chosen areas are:

  • Temporal or brow minilifting (smoothing of wrinkles around the eyes),
  • Cervical minilifting or cheeklifting (tension in the sub chin, cheeks and jaw),
  • Frontal minilifting (forehead wrinkles).

The procedure is carried out under anesthesia and requires only one day of hospitalization. The aim is to obtain an immediate, excellent and harmonious result, with minimal and invisible scars, all thanks to the repositioning of the facial structures performed through very small cuts and the grafting of thin threads of biologically inert polypropylene.


Facelift is a very delicate intervention, it is performed with incisions in the area of the temples and along the line that crosses the line in front of the ear to get to the myofascial structure of the face, once crossed ear according to particular vectors of traction, it continues towards the lobe until the nape of the neck in the hair.

Through the incisions, the skin is lifted and detached from the muscular tissue, these are disconnected and repositioned in physiological position, having great impact on the formation of wrinkles, then the excess is removed, finally is sutured with extremely thin wires and placed any metal staples on the scalp.

As a precaution, small open blood vessels are cauterized to avoid the unpleasant formation of ecchymosis. The final phase involves a compressive bandage, soft and abundant to facilitate and improve the resettlement of tissues and reduce the normal post-operative swelling.

For the post-operative course, after performing the precautionary controls, the patient can leave the clinic and must follow the instructions of the doctor at the time of discharge, it is possible that a targeted analgesic therapy is prescribed to accelerate the healing process. The return to normal activities should be done gradually and effortlessly following the prescribed indications, such as resting in a position that favors the drainage of fluids. The stitches are removed and after 7-10 days the patient can wash the skin and hair and resume normal activities.

Negotiable zones

In the case of the cervical-facial lift, the entire face and neck are rejuvenated, while in the minilifting variant, only the necessary parts are operated on.


With its action, the lifting aims to erase the signs of aging, through small incisions in the skin, you regain natural freshness, tone and volume. The face and neck appear immediately younger, and the natural expressiveness is maintained over time.

Even better results will be obtained by combining other techniques or technologies such as skin complexion homogeneity, spots, issues that are naturally discussed during the consultation.

It is possible to complete the intervention by performing in addition blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty or lipofilling.


Extremely short post-operative course, surprising results, decidedly younger face.
This type of intervention has the particularity of the total absence of pain.
Compared to non-surgical techniques, the result is long-lasting.

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