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Breast Implant Replacement

A new breast

Duration of the procedure: 45-60 min.
Result: Immediate
Persistence: If no problems arise, the implants have an unlimited duration. It is recommended to come to the operation with the ideal body weight that you intend to maintain in the long run.
Inpatient stay: 1 week
Dressings: Antibiotic and anti-inflammatory drugs, bandages, manual lymphatic drainage to promote the uniformity of the dermis.
Resumption of normal activities: Gradual, the return to normal work and daily activities is expected within 7-10 days.
Technique: Aesthetic Surgery
Anesthesia: Local anesthesia with intravenous sedation
Scars: Yes

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What is it

Breast implant replacement is the cosmetic surgery procedure aimed at replacing the breast implant. The intervention is quite similar to that of additive mastoplasty. Breast augmentation surgery is performed with the aim of increasing the volume of the breasts through the insertion of new silicone gel implants.

After about 10 years, although replacement is not mandatory, the implants applied in the patient's breasts may have undergone a process of deterioration.

Nowadays, the new implants used can even last a lifetime and a replacement should be considered only in some cases, the important thing is to undergo regular check-ups at the doctor's office to verify the tightness and the state of the implants over the years.

The reasons why you should seriously consider breast implant replacement are:

  • The breakage of the prosthesis
  • The possibility of having new generation implants, softer and more ergonomic, and therefore obtaining a natural result, in terms of shape and consistency, making the presence of the breast implant completely imperceptible
  • The problem with the implants due to a previous badly performed intervention
  • To give back to the figure the desired harmony and beauty with latest generation implants proportioned to the body

Symptoms of breast implant rupture

First of all it must be said that when an implant is implanted (not only the breast implant, but any type of implant in the body) it is covered with tissue whose function is to create a safety capsule around the implant. This capsule ensures that, in case of rupture, the silicone content cannot infiltrate the surrounding tissues and lymph nodes and remains confined in the implant itself.

In many cases there are no symptoms of the rupture of the prosthesis, in other cases they may occur:

  • localized pain in the breast and axillary area
  • redness
  • soreness
  • swelling
  • asymmetry between the two breasts


The prosthesis replacement surgery allows a good surgeon to improve the quality of the previous surgery and to perfect it after a careful analysis of the volumes and proportions.

Only a specialized plastic surgeon, with proven experience, after a professional consultation, can tell you if you need to replace the breast implants.

An informative consultation is therefore a must for the woman, it is an opportunity to ask questions and receive comprehensive answers, every aspect should be clear to the person, in order to choose in conditions of full awareness, the doctor will collect all data related to the state of health of the patient.

A complete specialist check-up is necessary in order to exclude the presence of breast pathologies, the expert then proceeds to an evaluation of the breast, and evaluates a variety of aspects, the changes that have affected the patient's physique, the condition of her implants and the new aesthetic expectations matured by the woman.

Complete blood tests will be required. Patient and surgeon choose the shape of the prosthesis to be implanted: teardrop, anatomical (more natural) or round.

The external material is rough silicone, while the inside is cohesive silicone.

Finally, the doctor informs the patient about the expected result and the post-operative period, and only after a careful evaluation of the expert regarding also the patient's expectations will it be possible or not to perform this surgery.


Breast implant replacement surgery is performed in most cases under general anesthesia with one night of hospitalization, depending on the patient's condition and the type of surgery to be performed. The surgeon proceeds with a skin incision, made on the same original incision, the old implants are removed.
The professional applies with high precision and according to the physical and aesthetic needs of the patient the new ones, and then performs the suturing.
The procedure for the replacement of breast implants lasts approximately 45 minutes; if the operation is carried out following a rupture or a capsular contracture, the duration of the operation will be slightly longer.

Treatable areas



  • Increased confidence at the psychological level of the woman.
  • A lifted, reshaped breast, with volume and shape more harmonious to her body, and with a natural appearance.
  • Long lasting results.


  • Thanks to new analgesic techniques, recovery is faster and less traumatic, postoperative recovery time reduced.
    The results of the surgery are permanent, except for the effects of the natural aging process of the breast.
    The residual scars left after the surgery for prosthesis replacement, although permanent, are localized in an area usually covered by the bra.
    Safe surgery thanks to high safety standards in a highly specialized facility with highly qualified personnel
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