Mastoplastica additiva

Breast Augmentation

Your breasts bigger

Duration of the procedure: One hour and a half
Result: Immediate
Persistence of the surgery: If no problems arise, the implants have an unlimited duration. It is recommended to come to the operation with the ideal body weight that you intend to maintain in the long term.
Inpatient stay: 1 week of rest
Dressings: Bandage, once the stitches are removed, the breast should be manipulated through manual lymphatic drainage to promote the uniformity of the dermis.
Resumption of normal activities: Gradual limiting physical efforts for at least 15 days. For implantation under the mammary gland, recovery times are shorter. If the implant is placed under the muscle, several weeks are needed to be able to perform demanding movements.
Technique: Aesthetic Surgery
Anesthesia: Local with sedation
Scars: Yes, hidden and not very visible

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What is it

Breast augmentation allows to increase the volume of the breast through the implantation of implants of various shapes and sizes.

The maximum age limit for the implantation of implants depends on the degree of elasticity and resistance of the skin. It is usually operated due to:

  • Hypoplasia (poor or no breast development)
  • Hypotrophy due to breastfeeding
  • Breasts of different volume

The reasons that lead a woman to undergo breast augmentation surgery are several, including: a breast that is too small compared to the proportions of the body, a relaxation of the tissues, the desire to regain her femininity after a pregnancy and after the breastfeeding period, or the desire to restore volume and fullness to her body.


An informative consultation is a must for the woman, it is an opportunity to ask questions and receive comprehensive answers, every aspect should be clear to the person, in order to choose in conditions of full awareness; the doctor will collect all the data related to the state of health of the patient.

A complete specialist check-up will be necessary to exclude the presence of breast pathologies, the expert will then proceed to an evaluation of the breast, in order to decide which is the best technique to adopt for the operation.

Complete blood tests will be required. Patient and surgeon choose the shape of the prosthesis to be implanted: teardrop, anatomical (more natural) or round.

The outer material is rough silicone, while the inside is cohesive silicone.

Finally, the doctor informs the patient about the expected result and the post-operative period, and only after a careful evaluation of the expert regarding also the expectations of the patient will it be possible or not to perform this surgery.


The surgeon draws the area of surgery on the skin to facilitate the conduct of the operation and after the administration of a drug, the patient is accompanied to the operating room.

The chosen area is then disinfected and prepared, before the operation a solution is injected inside the breast tissues that has the property of narrowing the blood vessels. Once the incision has been made, the implants are inserted into a bag prepared by the surgeon under the mammary gland.

In all three cases, the scar is usually barely visible. So it is placed either under the mammary gland (if the breast is large enough to cover it) or behind the muscle.

Implants are placed with an incision that is made along the edge of the areola, in the breast groove, or under the armpit. The methods are:

  • Breast augmentation with retroglandular positioning
  • Breast augmentation with retromuscular positioning
  • Augmentation mammaplasty with partially retromuscular positioning

Next, the incision is sutured using externally placed staples and internal stitches to allow the area to heal optimally. Once the surgery is complete, the surgeon applies a bandage around the chest. The patient is then taken out of the operating room to a resuscitation room where she will be awakened with all necessary precautions.

Treatable areas



A full breast, with a very natural and long-lasting regular shape.

Greater security at the psychological level of the woman.


Reduced post-operative recovery time

Safe operation thanks to high safety standards in a highly specialized facility with highly qualified staff.

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