Cosmetic eyelid surgery

Treatment duration: 30 - 60 minutes
Result: Immediate
Treatment Effect Duration: Long term
Inpatient stay: Day hospital
Dressings:  Bandages on scars
Resumption of normal activities: 7-21 days
Technique: Aesthetic surgery
Anesthesia: Yes, local and deep sedation
Scars: Yes, hidden and not very visible

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What is it?

Blepharoplasty is a plastic surgery procedure to reduce, eliminate skin, or excess fat on the eyelids, with the goal of restoring a fresh and appealing look. This type of surgery is performed due to the inevitable sagging of the eyelids that occurs with advancing age.

Eyes with a tired and dull appearance do not convey the feeling of well-being and positivity that we would like, which is why more and more people are undergoing this procedure.

It is also possible to intervene on congenital defects of the eyelids to resolve clinical and pathological situations and not purely aesthetic ones.

With blepharoplasty, you can intervene:

  • On the upper eyelid (drooping eyelid),
  • on the lower eyelid (bags under the eyes),
  • or both, also improving the "crow's feet" effect of the periocular area.


As for all surgical procedures, during the consultation and the visit, and after a careful analysis of the conditions of the eyelid tissue, of the eyebrow arch and periocular area, we proceed to determine the best type of intervention to be done, the patient is informed about the details and the precautions to be taken in order to prepare for the procedure, as well as the costs including those of the subsequent medications.

Specific examinations will be required to assess the state of health, such as blood tests and electrocardiogram, and in some cases an eye examination to assess the ocular tone, in any case the patient is asked to inform the doctor of any pathology present and medication taken, to perform the operation safely.

On the day of surgery as well as being fasting from the night before, it is necessary to present with the face well cleansed and clean without makeup.

After local anesthesia and intravenous sedation (and the addition of vasoconstrictor drugs) with the confirmation to the intervention, will be drawn on the eyelids the areas to be treated.

For the upper eyelid, the skin tissue is separated from the adipose and muscle tissue, then the excess skin and possibly a thin strip of orbital muscle is removed.

For the lower eyelids, fat is completely or partially removed and repositioned to eliminate puffiness and the problem of dark circles.

After the procedure is completed, sutures and protective patches are applied to avoid infection and to protect against shocks. Finally, the patient is awakened from the state of sedation for a rapid recovery of consciousness without complications of any kind.


Through small incisions are made the desired improvements by acting directly on the skin, adipose tissue and muscle tissue.

Symmetry, anatomical and structural corrections can be made in addition to the anti-aging effect, giving the face a younger and brighter look.

Negotiable zones

With blepharoplasty you are going to work in the eye area. The most commonly treated blemishes are:

  • Bags under the eyes, eyelid skin bulges
  • Accumulation of skin on the upper eyelid, causing problems with eye opening and width of vision
  • Sagging of the upper eyelids
  • Dull and aged look
  • Eyebrow too close to the eye opening line
  • Falling down of the tail of the eye


From an aesthetic point of view, the eye and the gaze appear decidedly younger and brighter, the bags under the eyes are eliminated taking away also the sense of tiredness.

The eye is more open, appears fresh, the sad and tired look disappears immediately, improving the visual amplitude, all the disorders related to the heaviness of the eyelids are eliminated.


Blepharoplasty has the advantage of giving an attractive look and brightening on the entire face.
With a single operation it is possible to intervene on the multiple causes that can determine the sagging of the eyelid, whether genetic, due to age or lifestyle.

The imperfections that affect the eye area have a great impact on interpersonal relationships, with a blepharoplasty surgery you can transmit more confidence.

The awareness of a fresher, better-looking and more serene gaze also greatly influences a greater self-esteem, a decidedly better approach to life, bringing benefits to one's lifestyle.

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