La Biorivitalizzazione e la Biostimolazione

Biorevitalization and Biostimulation

Natural stimulating and nourishing anti-aging treatments

Treatment duration: 15 minutes
Result: immediate
Treatment effect duration: 6-12 months
Inpatient stay: no inpatient stay
Dressings: NO, as it is not a surgical intervention
Resumption of normal activities: immediate
Technique: infiltration
Anesthesia: NO, not necessary
Scars: NO

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What is it?

Biorevitalization and Biostimulation are 2 anti-aging treatments that are usually performed in combination with minimally invasive techniques.

With the passage of time, the skin appears increasingly dull, less elastic, without tone and with increasingly pronounced wrinkles. With the Biorevitalization and Biostimulation treatments you can visibly improve the appearance, giving depth to the look, brightness to the skin and restoring elasticity to the skin of the face and neck.


Through infiltrations are injected under the skin natural substances such as hyaluronic acid, amino acids and vitamins, these substances stimulate the production of collagen, promoting cell turnover and increased hydration.

The treatment supplements the hyaluronic acid, restoring the proper nourishment to the skin.

The return to daily activities is almost immediate, after 3 days it is also possible to expose oneself to the sun.
In some cases it is possible that a slight redness, itching, slight swelling and soreness appear in the injection area, which usually disappear within a few hours.

How it works

The treatment can be carried out in preventive form on young skins as well as on more mature skins restoring a fresher and younger appearance, promoting cell turnover, in both cases you have excellent results.

Treatable areas

This procedure is indicated for treating the face and neck. Since it is an outpatient treatment, there will be no scars or marks from it. This treatment is not indicated for patients with dermatitis, herpes or infections of various types and pregnant women.


After an accurate examination of the skin, the level of aging of the face and neck, a procedure will be studied and proposed with the number of sessions necessary to have the desired and satisfactory results enlisted.


Biorevitalization and Biostimulation have the advantage of naturally rejuvenating and nourishing the skin, with no side effects.

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