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Adipolaser – Finally the method that keeps its promises!!

This innovative technology guarantees surprising results from the first session. It is a safe device, meets all regulatory and safety standards, therefore it must be used only by qualified personnel..

Adipolaser Epilea is based on the principle of photo biomodulation, emission of 4 wavelength laser beams (635nm / 650nm / 808nm / 940nm), at low energy levels (LLLT).

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Why we gain weight?

There are many causes.

Testosterone and estrogen are mainly responsible for the classic gender-related accumulation of fat: on the hips and buttocks, for women, on the belly for men.

To burn fat heaped in a specific area of our body, it is therefore necessary to know the cause of its growth:

  • Environmental factors
  • Wrong eating behaviors
  • The "internal" environment: the microbiota
  • Hormonal factors
  • Psychological factors and psychiatric diseases
  • Drug-induced obesity
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Other causes of obesity

The treatment

Our treatment is safe, non-invasive, effective, without needles and any period of hospitalization. You can immediately return to daily activities, it does not causes any side effect and doesn't damage the tissues. More, Adipolaser can be performed on all skin types and on all areas of the body where unwanted fat is stored. It is possible to obtain a loss of 2-4 cm per session, depending on the area and the depth of the treated fat. During the preparatory phase preceding the start of the Adipolaser treatment course, a modification of the diet for detoxifying the body is strongly recommended.
Epilea protocols guarantee excellent results from the first session!Adipolaser by Epilea:

  • Dissolves and eliminates fat
  • Improve cellulite
  • Smoothes the skin
  • Reduces
  • Defines
  • remodels

The effectiveness of our method is represented by the use of a very high technology laser joined with the use of certified protocols, created by many years of experience, thanks to the collaboration of doctors and silhouette remodeling experts

How does it work?

The ray of light sends a biochemical signal to the fat cells, creating a momentary opening of the micropores of the cell wall, through the altered distribution of the charge.

The stored triglycerides are split and transformed into free fatty acids and glycerol, and the fat comes out.

A part is collected by the lymphatic system and subsequently expelled through sweating, urine, etc., while the other part remains in the interstitial tissue and is reused as a source of energy

Tessuto Adiposo prima del trattamento

irradiation of laser rays on adipose tissue

Tessuto Adiposo dopo trattamento

post-treatment reduction of adipose tissue

The special patented applicators are positioned on the area to be treated. Through the heat, the adipolaser stimulates millions of fat cells and the arterial, venous and lymphatic microcirculation. The fat cells, through the lipolysis process, are emptied and their dimensions they decrease significantly.

The technology: laser diode 630/650/808/940 nm

You'll lose 2-4 cm in one sitting!

Thanks to the innovative 4-wave photobiomodulation, Adipolaser was made to defeat any type of fat while creating a skin firming.

Adipolaser is equipped with 10 large handpieces with 26 LLLT laser diodes at different wavelengths, to provide you to work simultaneously and at different depths on fabrics (up to 1.5 cm), both on fat and cellulite.

The special applicators, thanks to a sophisticated cooling system, provide to carry out the treatment in a very comfortable and painless way.


Comfortable treatments - guaranteed results

Aesthetic diagnosis and evaluation

Accurate diagnosis is a prerogative to obtain the best results and maintain them over time.

Diagnosis in advanced aesthetics with the Epilea method is essential, to understand where the blemish originates from, what the causes are and how to treat it!

For this reason you cannot improvise and preparation is the best ally!

Until now, the Epilea method achieves results that can only be achieved with cosmetic surgery.

Adipolaser by Epilea

Why to choose Adipolaser by Epilea?

  • Custom consulting
  • Guaranteed method
  • PAINFUL and EFFECTIVE treatment
  • Quick sessions
    Safe treatment, no side effects
  • Possible available for all skin types and in all seasons
  • Visible results from the first session

How much does the treatment of Adipolaser cost?

Your test session for only 59.- for 1 zone of your choice.

Your test session for only 69.- for 2 zones of your choice.

Then you can choose your areas you want to deal with by consulting our price wheel.

How long does each session take?

A complete session on medium-large areas is 60 minutes long, for small areas (such as: chin-knees-ankle) the duration is 40 minutes. In fact, on each treated area only the Adipolaser works for 30 minutes.

Which areas can be treated?

All areas where unwanted fat is located, from the chin to the ankle.

The method that keeps its promises!

Lose 2-4 cm in 1 sitting

Book your trial session now for only 59.-

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