Aesthetic correction of the nose

Treatment duration: 30-60 minutes
Result: Immediate
Duration of treatment effect: Permanent
Stay in hospital: No stay in hospital
Dressings:  Suture, specific plaster, nasal mask
Resumption of normal activities: 7/14 days
Technique: Aesthetic surgery
Anesthesia: Yes, local and deep sedation
Scars: Yes, usually inside the nasal cavity


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Cosa è

Il naso è una delle zone più esposte e tra le più sensibili per l'aspetto estetico, è causa sovente di disagi emotivi e psicologici, che a volte arrivano anche a intaccare la propria autostima e incidere sui rapporti sociali.
Essendo un operazione che risolve problematiche in una zona del viso tanto delicata, risulta essere tra i 5 interventi più richiesti a livello mondiale.

La rinoplastica è la procedura chirurgica per il modellamento del naso tramite modifica e correzione della struttura ossea o cartilaginea, con lo scopo di armonizzare l’aspetto del viso, rispettando le caratteristiche fisionomiche del paziente.

Se il paziente ha difficoltà respiratorie è necessario fare la rinosettoplastica, ovvero la correzione del setto nasale.


There are 2 approaches to nose shaping surgery:

The closed rhinoplasty procedure and the open variant, the difference is the access point to the anatomical complex of the nose.

The closed rhinoplasty: Provides for the access to the internal part of the nose, the incision veins made in the nostrils and the surgeon proceeds with the operation from the inside, (this procedure although more complex from the point of view of execution as it is more difficult to act on the bones and cartilage passing through the nasal cavities), has the advantage of eliminating the risk of having obvious scars on the nose of the patient, for this reason it is the most used procedure.

Open Rhinoplasty: This involves a small external incision as a step to reshape the nasal septum.

The procedure remains the same and the aesthetic results are the same.


During the medical consultation, the nose, physiognomy, and skin are analyzed and the desired results discussed. A complete clinical picture of the patient is taken and any contraindications, possible fractures, and medications are evaluated. Clinical examinations are required as a matter of practice for any surgery, such as specific blood tests and electrocardiogram.

Since this is a nose job, it is essential to avoid seasonal illnesses such as flu or colds, to avoid problems during rhinoplasty surgery. It is a good idea for smokers to reduce or better interrupt tobacco consumption to avoid slowing down the healing process.

The intervention is in day hospital, the patient is discharged the same day. Given the anesthesia, it is recommended to be accompanied and that the patient can benefit from post-operative assistance, especially at night.

Once the reshaping procedure is over and the goal has been reached, the stitches and appropriate plaster are applied, and the patient will be given a special protective mask to apply on the nose, to protect and help stabilize the new shape.

After a few hours of rest, unless overnight stay has been requested, the patient is informed about the convalescence.

Treatable areas

This specific surgery involves the nose, and reshaping of the nasal septum. Normally, rhinoplasty works on shaping the cartilages, the back of the nose and the nasal bones, if necessary.

In addition, corrections to other areas of the face, such as otoplasty or mentoplasty, may be requested or proposed to maximize and harmonize the face.


The results are immediate and decisive. From an aesthetic point of view, amazing results are achieved, always taking into account the overall appearance of the face.

With rhinoseptoplasty it is also possible to correct, in addition to the aesthetic aspect, the respiratory function, giving the patient a better quality of life, improving breathing and sleep, both for himself and his family.


Compared to years past, the surgery is less invasive and faster.

Modern procedures and new techniques in the field of cosmetic surgery have brought benefits in the field, making the operations less painful even in the post-operative phase.

Correcting the nasal septum improves self-esteem and gives the face a better harmony.

With the procedure now becoming the norm of proceeding from the nasal cavities, scars are not evident either, leaving only positive effects of the surgery.

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