Ozone Oxygen Treatment

Your skin healthy and regenerated

A burst of vitality for your face
Fast, natural and immediate

Ozone, oxygen, hyaluronic acid and active ingredients,
the ideal mix for visible results immediately from the first application.


The treatment is carried out with OXYZONE, a device that is able to ozonize the natural active ingredients for an even greater conveyance of the substances used in the treatment.

Depending on the treatment chosen, the substances are prepared and enriched with ozone (a substance produced at the moment, as it is extremely volatile, using the oxygen dioxide present in the air).

Using an airbrush, a light massage is made with a jet of air and distilled water to help the products penetrate better and at the same time nourish the skin and make it brighter, firmer and softer.


The results are immediate and much appreciated from the first treatment.

The skin is brighter, smoother and more compact.

It is possible to do the Oxyzone treatment as a complement to another technology or as a single treatment, and it is possible to perform personalized treatments for specific imperfections, such as the eye area (blepharo treatment), plumping (hyaluronic acid treatment), revitalizing or dermo-homogenizing.

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